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Cloud Music Player Reviews

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Cloud Music Player Review

Why Should I Use Cloud Music Players?

A new wave of media streaming technology has arrived amid some of the heaviest competition and most potent controversy. Three of the largest names in technology and ecommerce—Apple, Google and Amazon—have come out with cloud music players. These web applications allow you to purchase, upload and store all of your music in the cloud for easy access from any computer or device at any time. With each of these companies rushing to be the first successful cloud player on the market, we asked the question: which is the best cloud music player? Here at TopTenREVIEWS, we're your source for the best cloud music player comparisons and reviews.

Cloud Music Players: What to Look For

Cloud music players are a brand of innovative music storage and streaming services that allow you to upload and listen to your personal music collection from nearly any location. By uploading your music to the cloud, you gain security in knowing that your music data will never be lost or corrupted if your hard drive fails, and you’ll gain the convenience of being able to access your music from almost any computer or device. In our reviews, we identified some of the crucial elements to look for in the best online music player, including the buzz-worthy iCloud, Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Player. Be sure to read our reviews of these up-and-coming services and, if you’re looking for some more info, check out our articles on cloud music players.

Look for cloud players with extensive and powerful media player applications. Whether they’re primarily web-based players or locally installed software that syncs with the cloud, you want to be sure that you can play your music without many hassles. Be on the lookout for unique features like playlist generators and bonus free music for signing up.

One of the main concerns of cloud music services is their compatibility. To be able to access your music from anywhere, each service should be compatible with platforms, whether that be web-based as with Google Music and Amazon’s Cloud Player, or platform based, like iCloud. Also be on the watch for file compatibility; some services may only accept MP3s and AACs where other may accept M4As and WMA file types.

Sound Quality
Regardless of the quality of your song file, some degradation is going to occur when the music is being streamed over the internet. We paid close attention to how well the original song was preserved when listening to music from these services.

Ease of Use
While these services are not exceptionally difficult to use, some make it much easier to get your music into the cloud and navigate their application. We looked for a simple and clean user interface with minimal navigation as well as multiple views. We also examined each service to see how quickly and efficiently we were able to upload or match our songs in the cloud.

Help & Support
Each service offered varying degrees of customer service, and the most robust offerings placed higher in this category. We looked for standalone reference material like a FAQs section and a selection of tutorials, as well as more hands-on service options, like email and telephone support.

All of these factors are important when you’re looking for the best cloud music player on the market, and each of the services we reviewed offers a unique and dynamic user experience. Take a look at our reviews and decide for yourself which is the best cloud player for you.

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